AS - Aktivna Slovenija
CMEPIUS - Centre for mobility and European
   Educational and training programmes

CPI - Centre of the Republic of Slovenia for
   Vocational Education and Training

GEA College PIC
Gym-m, d.o.o.
Info Rešitve, d.o.o.
Kozmetika Lorger
Ljudska univerza Jesenice
Ljudska univerza Velenje
ORIA Computers, d.o.o.
SBDC - Small business development centre
Phare MOCCA  ››
Pro anima, d.o.o.
SEŠ - Secondary school of Economics Ljubljana
SUAŠ - Secondary school for Secretaries and
   Administrative Workers

Government Office of the Republic of Slovenia for
   Structural policy and regional development



business cards
folders in slovene and english language
proceedings – cover page
promotional CD – package design and interface
brochure "Modular koncept of educational programmes"
newspaper "Spodbude" - year II, 4 numbers